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Created in 2014.
Premiere on November 28, 2014
at the Velo Theatre in Apt (84, France).

Show for adults and adolescents.

The Coatimundi Company is 40 years old :

To celebrate the four decades of working together, Catherine Kremer and Jean Claude Leportier are producing a new show of “gestures and objects,” a visual performance based on the combined interplay of objects, puppets, and actors.

 Sources and influences :Kremer and Leportier worked together for ten years in Latin America, principally Mexico. Latin American literature has had a decisive influence on their artistic work, especially through the movement named “Magical Realism,” of which Gabriel Garcia was the best known author for his novel One Hundred Years of Solitude.

It’s this “Magical Realism” that informs this new piece, As it Were, built around an incident stemming from images by Mexican engraver Jose Guadalupe Posada and the very puppet-like compositions of Marc Chagall.

 The show :

In the beginning, the stage is empty….or almost !
In a corner a tiny tomb can be made out in the shadows. If you could get closer you would be able to read “Ursula”.

A man and a woman, 2 puppeteer actors, arrive loaded down with suitcases. These bags, full of fragmented figures, are the metaphor for their memory. They are going to try combinations and arrangements until there emerges the coherence of a story that centers around the character Ursula.

Ursula is a young woman, a personality strongly akin to the characters of Garcia Marquez.

Her destiny was powerfully affected by an event, the assassination of her fiancé on the day of their wedding. It’s not until the last moments of her life that she finally finds peace and quiet.

Two children were present at the wedding. Now adults, Ursula’s burial provides them with the chance to look back on their past history.

A show about memory… which is changing, living, shifting and to be forever re-assembled.