Shows without words for all audiences

The trilogy

The Adventures of Séraphin Lemercier
Three series of movements and images

Somewhere between a laugh and a smile, there is a good solution for bringing joy to life. 3 moments in the life of Séraphin Lemercier and Cabotine Trémière, 3 love stories whose light humor will delight all types of audiences, adults as well as children.

In Hats off to the Sea, he is the unlikely adventurer that goes to the end of the world and discovers the secret of how mermaids are born.

Back in the city in The Archangel and the Animal Tamer, he begins to wonder if Cabotine, his next door neighbor, is not a mermaid disguised as a shrew.

Taken in by her charms in Household connections, he willingly boards the « house » boat that, after many trials and tribulations, leaves them shipwrecked on a beach with sunshine and palms… or almost!

For children, one surprise after another, stories that fall into the step of two unpredictable characters. For adults, the tragic-comic relationship of a couple who could be them.

Here is a unique undertaking by the Leportier/Krémer couple that will leave a pleasant taste of pleasure in the mouth for years to come. With its particular interpretation of reality, this unclassifiable theater brings together the following flavors: A dab of silent film, a zest of commedia dell’arte, a pinch of clown (far from red-nose type), served in the image of a comic book artist enamored of Currier and Ives prints, religious images and the Sears & Roebuck catalog. Serve cold… as is!

As for this type of theatre of movement and objects that brings actors, puppets and automatons together, there is no problem with language or borders. The first two chapters have already traveled around the world.

PS: The three shows do not need to be seen in any particular order.