The Archangel and the Animal tamer



Angelic entertainment.

Through a series of misunderstandings and often very funny mishaps, two neighbors, Séraphin Lemercier and Cabotine Trémière torture each other continually, never admitting that it’s the very spice of their lives.
In reality, they can’t live without each other, but it is most certainly the last thing they are willing to admit.
Either by fate or deep-rooted desire, the one thing they wanted to avoid at all costs finishes by exploding one fine day, taking on spectacular, volcanic and archangelical proportions.

For adults, a tender and angry love story.
As for children, they will be able to follow the wanderings of a snail (the underlying thread of the story).
This show brings to mind Jacque Tati’s « Monsieur Hulot » and the silent films of Buster Keaton. Actors, puppets and machines together contribute to the unpredictable development of this story that involves the audience and makes it part of the show.












Script: Catherine KREMER, Jean-Claude LEPORTIER
Direction: Jean-Claude LEPORTIER, Jacques TEMPLERAUD
Costumes and puppets: Catherine KREMER
Creation of inflatable structure: Joëlle APARICIO, Stéphane BLANCHARD
Scenery and machinery: Jean-Claude LEPORTIER
Acting: Catherine KREMER, Jean-Claude LEPORTIER


This show can be staged in a theater or outdoors
General public
Length of show: 1 hour
Audience size: Max: 300 people
Stage size required: Opening: 8m , Depth: 7m, Height: 4m
Number of people in show: 2 actors (+ 1 technician if necessary)
Seating: frontal (preferably bleachers)