Workshops / Exhibitions

  • Ephemeral puppets

« Strange faces, fantastic silhouettes, frail totemic-like figures out of an Arcimboldo painting: a witch with tree roots for hair, a young wood fairy with buttercup eyes, a man-potato draped in a cape of blood-red petals… »

Véronique Cohen (Le Monde)


This one-day workshop will take you into the countryside to cut grass, flowers and leaves and to let yourself be guided by the shapes and colors of the plants that live there.

You will then put them together to make funny little people, animals or ephemeral masks, with the technical assistance of the workshop leader.

For a group of children (maximum 25) or a school group (from 8 years old and up). .
For a group of adults: if the group is big, two leaders will be provided.


Twenty-nine photographs, 40 x 60 cm, mounted on plastic backing with aluminum frames and a hanging system.

All packed into two boxes with a total weight of 50 kg.